First in the World, a New Art Form by Ahad Saadi


First in the World, a New Art Form


AHAD SAADI, who makes a resounding impact on the world of art with each of his works, keeps shaping art through AZARNEGARI, which he invented himself. In every work he created using the art form AZARNEGARI, the miraculous dance of fabric with lights evokes admiration in every viewer. When viewed from each corner, the change created by the light on the fabrics assigns a different meaning to the work and leads the viewers to a different feeling at every glance. In this way, AZARNEGARI appears as a proof that art is in fact a world of thought, and the artist’s perception and view shape the substance.

AZARNEGARI is an invention in which AHAD SAADI manifests his own understanding of art. It means drawing with fire. The reason AHAD SAADI gives this name to his art is that all the colors forming his works are created by cutting fabrics into extremely small pieces, burning them on each other and letting them stick to each other.

The origin of the name and the art form AZARNEGARI dates back to AHAD SAADI’s childhood. What sparked the idea for his burning technique was an incident that happened in those years. One day, while he was secretly playing with fire despite his parents’ efforts to keep him away from it, he accidentally burnt some fabrics. Seeing that they stuck to and blended with each other, he invented the AZARNEGARI technique.

Arts and culture is a world that brings civilizations closer to each other, acts a bridge in the communication of civilizations and between the past and the future, and at the same time, eternalizes the artist and his/her perception and idea. Each artist and art work carries the perception of their age to the future. The art form AZARNEGARI, created by AHAD SAADI, gets inspiration from the cultural richness of the region the artist is living in, universalizes this richness and brings civilizations together at a common idea. As the great Persian poet and scholar Saadi Shirazi (Shiraz, 1210-1292) stated in his words “All human beings are members of one frame”, AHAD SAADI also views the entire humanity as a part of the same body and universalizes AZARNEGARI through the common values of the mankind and what is bestowed by the nature.

In the works created by the artist applying AZARNEGARI, the theme and the universal idea he deals with is love and affection. In these works, beauty and aesthetics are praised, positive thought and creativity are blessed, utopia turns into reality, vividness of the nature and the change transform into the moment.

Acting with positive thought, and through the universality of his art, AHAD SAADI, who created the art form AZARNEGARI with his own perception and style, reminds us once again that, against the daily chaos and depression brought by the modern age, all human beings are parts of the same body, one with the nature, and reminds us of beauty, aesthetic and eternity. All viewers witnessing the miracle of his masterpieces are led by him to intense feelings and thoughts. By making them forget the negative aspects of the modern age, he draws all people to their inner self, in other words, to the pure and kind version of themselves. In this way, AHAD SAADI manages to touch everybody’s soul through his works using the art form AZARNEGARI. He tells that, despite the negative aspects of the modern age, the beauty and aesthetics of the nature bestow love, kindness and a virtuous life to the entire humanity. Through AZARNEGARI, AHAD SAADI eternalizes the moment and takes the present to the future with his works, which will exist even thousands of years later.


When I first met the esteemed artist AHAD SAADI and witnessed his unique art form AZARNEGARI for the first time, it did not take me long to understand that I was face to face with the new genius of the art world. Indeed, these works created using the art form AZARNEGARI could have only come from the mind and hands of an artistic genius who acts with positive thought, has managed to form his own world through his creativity, reach his inner self, kindness, beauty, love and affection and become one with the nature by isolating himself from all negative aspects of the modern age.

Every time I see the works of AHAD SAADI, I go through the same feelings again and get excited as if it was the first time I get to know AHAD SAADI and witness his unique art AZARNEGARI. With every new detail I realize while viewing his AZARNEGARI works, and each meaning underlying that new detail, I confront AHAD SAADI’s vast world of thoughts, and being honored to witness the original style of this great artistic genius of the modern age, I feel happy and pleased to reach the love, affection, kindness and beauty conveyed by the artist, become one with the nature and return to my inner self. When I see that all people witnessing the art form AZARNEGARI share my feelings and thoughts,

I think of Saadi Shirazi’s words “All human beings are members of one frame”, and I feel that AHAD SAADI, through his AZARNEGARI masterpieces, also reminds all human beings that they are parts of the same body.

Born in the ancient Persian city of Tabriz, artist AHAD SAADI achieved universality starting from Iran, which nourished AZARNEGARI in terms of style and understanding, and thanks to his unique works, he shortly became an artist followed by art lovers and collectors. AHAD SAADI continues to shape the future of the art world, the artist most recently presented his masterpiece called PARAMIS, hosted by THE RITZ CARLTON ISTANBUL. At the event Dr. MOHAMMED REZA MAJIDI, the President of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly submitted a Certificate of High Achievement to AHAD SAADI.
In addition, news about AHAD SAADI and the art of AZARNEGARI has appeared in Newsweek and Mirror which is one of the leading press organizations in the world. In addition to these organizations, famous press organizations of countries such as China, Egypt, Ghana, France and Romania have also published news about AHAD SAADI and AZARNEGARI.

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