Sadegh Khalife

Sadegh Khalife was born in 1983 in Shooshtar.
Encouraged by his brother, he found himself interested in painting.
In 1996, he recognized oil painting by Alireza Hemmatifard and
then continued as a self-thought painter.
Khalife was graduated in Electrical Engineering from Shooshtar
Azad University.
He was recruited in 2006 in Zargan Power Station (Ahwaz).
In the meantime, he was the director of Association of Visual
Arts, Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Shooshtar.
Accompanied by his brother Kazem Midarresian (Khalife) in 2016,
he founded Shavadoon Gallery in Shooshtar.
Sadegh Khalife participated in twelve group exhibitions in Tehran,
Ahwaz, Shooshtar and Isfahan and had four solo exhibitions in 26
and Aknoon gallery in Tehran and City Centre gallery in Isfahan.