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What does Azarnegari mean?

In fact, there is no Azarnegari in the Iranian language. I made the name of art. Meaning is to
draw with fire. As a result, you are introducing a new style, giving it a name is as important as
practicing art. The story of the emergence of this name was also interesting. In Iran people open
Hafiz Falı. In this fortune we take the Divan of Hafez and read the poem coming in randomly,
and comment. I have also randomly opened Dihhuda's Lügatnamesi, one of the greatest
dictionaries of Iran. The first time I came across the page I came across a word of Azar. Azar
means warmth. It was just a word for me. Then I put the word Negari which means to draw
behind this veil and it is called Azarnegari.

September 10 @ 19:00 — October 20 @ 12:30
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